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Why An Independent Network?

Recent leaks  and the vulnerability of large offshore fiduciaries and offshore law firms means that we have chosen to have a selected independent network to support our services for our clients.

Our Global Network of Associates

Our group of international experts are all independent with their own specialist niche (s). This occurs without compromising your confidence, strategy, information or privacy.

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  • Global Trust :
    Dubai and UAQ
  • PPG Group Member

Part of the Protector Group for Trusts

Besides corporate protectors services, PPG provides a range of support services, designed to provide highly customized and specialist assistance tailored to our clients’ needs.

  • Advice on the establishment and administration of private foundations and trusts
  • Accounting services for trusts, foundations and underlying entities
  • Compliance services including KYC, source of wealth and individual/entity investigations
  • FATCA and CRS advice
  • Tax advisory services
  • Trust dispute resolution and mediation
    PPG Business Partners providing support services in
  • USA, UAE, Isle of Man, Hong-Kong, Switzerland, Netherlands, New Zealand, London and Australia

The Protector Group and GTG

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